Welcome to the home of the Lethal Calls App for iPhone and Android!


Lethal Calls delivers 100% authentic recorded audio, from live whitetail deer.

These recordings were completed during the breeding season at Progressive Farms in Askov, MN.

Tradition calling methods are less effective than the Lethal Calls App due to the following reasons:

  • Grunt tubes and can calls do not make all the audio in a deer’s vocabulary
  • Traditional calls sound suspicious to deer because they don’t hear other environmental noises, such as sticks breaking or leaves rustling
  • Movement associated with calls made by rattling with antlers or rattle bags draw unwanted attention to the hunter
  • Deer don’t make noises 10 feet off the ground (this issue is mitigated with the use of the app in conjunction with a Bluetooth speaker)
  • Deer often circle downwind from callers, scenting the hunter before there is a shot opportunity

Within this app you’ll find 10 categories containing 49 audio clips, such as buck and doe grunts, sparring, snort wheezes, buck roars, growls, and bucks chasing does.

Listen close – you’ll hear sticks cracking, leaves crunching, and brush breaking, making this the most realistic, LETHAL call ever produced!


Recommended Use: 

When bow or gun hunting, place a Bluetooth speaker maximum distance (limited by the capability of your speaker) upwind from your stand location.

When in stand, place your phone on vibrate and play the calls you choose for the situation. You can add realism by placing the speaker below a deer decoy.  Electronic calls are not legal in all states, read local hunting regulations for more information.

Lethal Call Screen Shots